vendredi 4 mars 2011

v1.5.0 : advanced features

Piggy has got several enhancements since v1.0.0 released last summer :
  • UI has been improved : the action bar brings a smoother navigation and validation system.
  • Contacts are now global throughout the app, and can be imported from phone contacts. You can also merge them and follow their global counts throughout the events.
  • Piggy data can be saved and restored from your SD Card.
Piggy 1.5.0 brings advanced features for more convenient use :
  • Email reports are now available for free.
  • Events merge : merge old events so that you counts are clearer.
  • Set exchange rates for each event for more precise conversions.
  • Archive old events.
With Piggy Paid, you'll have enhanced email reports : attached .csv file compatible with Excel so you can track your counts on your computer.

I hope these new features will useful for you !