vendredi 4 mars 2011

v1.5.0 : advanced features

Piggy has got several enhancements since v1.0.0 released last summer :
  • UI has been improved : the action bar brings a smoother navigation and validation system.
  • Contacts are now global throughout the app, and can be imported from phone contacts. You can also merge them and follow their global counts throughout the events.
  • Piggy data can be saved and restored from your SD Card.
Piggy 1.5.0 brings advanced features for more convenient use :
  • Email reports are now available for free.
  • Events merge : merge old events so that you counts are clearer.
  • Set exchange rates for each event for more precise conversions.
  • Archive old events.
With Piggy Paid, you'll have enhanced email reports : attached .csv file compatible with Excel so you can track your counts on your computer.

I hope these new features will useful for you !

dimanche 15 août 2010

Major release : v1.0.0


I'm glad I've finally released v1.0.0. Piggy now includes all features that make it really handy for on-going usage.
  • Reuse already defined shareholders : you don't need to reenter theirs names for every new piggy, you just add them.
Next step :
  • Merge piggies

vendredi 13 août 2010

Major release : v0.10.0

Hello everyone,

the latest release brings the advanced management of shareholders weights to everyone :
  • you define a default weight for each shareholder,
  • for each expense, you can define a specific weight for each shareholder (default weight otherwise),
  • these features are included in free Piggy.
I hope they will make it handier.

Next steps :
  • Create a default list of shareholders
  • Merge piggies.

mardi 20 juillet 2010

Minor release : v0.9.1

Hello everyone,

from the version 0.9, email reports and One-To-Ones are no longer free features. I've realized that it removes features to former users of Piggy.

v0.9.1 fixes this : if you've already downloaded Piggy prior to v0.9.1, you keep these features. Otherwise, they are paid only.


lundi 19 juillet 2010

Major release : v0.9.0

Hello everyone,

I've just released the version 0.9.0.

It brings the feature of weighting the shareholders so that they can stand for several parts.

I've also changed the balance between paid and free features. The app is now mature and I have decided to move advanced features to the paid version. The free version is now aimed at occasional users.

The paid options are :
  • Multicurrency
  • Shareholders weight
  • Email report
  • One-2-One counts

However, in the free version, I've modified the default € currency symbol to a generic currency symbol : ¤. Now EU and not EU users are equal.


vendredi 16 juillet 2010

Major release : v0.8.1

Hello everyone,

I've just released the version 0.8.1. As annouced before, all major new features are paid. v0.8.1 features the use of several currencies :
  • Define your default currency
  • Set the exchange rates with the other currencies
  • Define the default currency for the expenses of a piggy
  • Define the currency when creating/modifying an expense or a payback
I'm still listening to your comments and suggestions !


mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Piggy after v0.7.2

Hello everyone,

I've read with great interests your comments and suggestions for Piggy. Apparently it is really useful for some of you and that is what pleases me the most.

I think that the latest release is sufficient for common usage but misses several features you've suggested that would make it even more handy. I'll list them below. But I need to announce that I've decided to include them into a 2nd version of Piggy, that won't be free. It won't be expensive though and I will refund all of you who will ask for and will have provided me help. For instance, the 5 of you who left comments and Alessandro who made the italian locale will be refunded. Having a not-free version will push me to stay reactive and willing to improve Piggy. I hope you understand my decision.

So, here are the features I'm working on :

  • Multicurrency :

Managing several currencies for expenses in foreign countries

  • Shareholders weight :

Give a default weight for shareholders who stand for several real people, and give a specific weight for each expense

  • Global shareholders list :

Same shareholders could be reused for new piggies. Maybe I could interface it with the phone contacts list ?

  • Piggy merge :
Merge piggies with common shareholders.

Some others like pictures as expense description, desktop widget or sorted lists are also nice features but have a lower priority from my point of view. Let me know if you disagree !

Thanks again for all your suggestions.