mercredi 14 juillet 2010

Piggy after v0.7.2

Hello everyone,

I've read with great interests your comments and suggestions for Piggy. Apparently it is really useful for some of you and that is what pleases me the most.

I think that the latest release is sufficient for common usage but misses several features you've suggested that would make it even more handy. I'll list them below. But I need to announce that I've decided to include them into a 2nd version of Piggy, that won't be free. It won't be expensive though and I will refund all of you who will ask for and will have provided me help. For instance, the 5 of you who left comments and Alessandro who made the italian locale will be refunded. Having a not-free version will push me to stay reactive and willing to improve Piggy. I hope you understand my decision.

So, here are the features I'm working on :

  • Multicurrency :

Managing several currencies for expenses in foreign countries

  • Shareholders weight :

Give a default weight for shareholders who stand for several real people, and give a specific weight for each expense

  • Global shareholders list :

Same shareholders could be reused for new piggies. Maybe I could interface it with the phone contacts list ?

  • Piggy merge :
Merge piggies with common shareholders.

Some others like pictures as expense description, desktop widget or sorted lists are also nice features but have a lower priority from my point of view. Let me know if you disagree !

Thanks again for all your suggestions.

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