jeudi 24 juin 2010

Minor release : v0.7.1

Hello everyone,

I've just released the latest version : 0.7.1.
It brings some navigation enhancements :
  • Italian locale
  • email reports now include the list of expenses
  • the layout of expenses, paybacks and other lists is better (text wraps after more characters)
  • the app starts with the Piggies list instead of One-To-Ones.
I'm planning to release a major update for early August, and I need you to help me. So :
  • Your suggestions are highly appreciated !
  • Any volunteer for translating into new languages ? I'll send you the strings file.
  • Do you use the One-To-One section ? If so, in which context ?

See you soon !

5 commentaires:

  1. Adding shareholders using autocomplete name from contact list would be handy.

    Also if receipt images taken using phone camera could be stored on SD card it could save time on making detailed expense description. Receipt images could be attached to email.

  2. Adding a shortcut to any "Piggy" on android desktop to quickly add a new expense would be great.

    Adding an expense is the most intensively used feature when you are travelling with some friends, and it has to be made very simple.

    "Next" buttons should be removed when adding a new expense : only one click to select who paid is necessary (buttons should replace the list), and, in the next screen, only one click to check "All" is necessary (a button should replace the checkbox).

    When typing an amount of money, a numeric keyboard should be automatically selected.

    The "Return" key of the keyboard should validate the screen (avoiding to press the "back" button to hide the keyboard, and then to click to validate the screen)

    Multicurrency would be very useful during a trip in foreign countries.

    Merging shareholders should be added : 1 shareholder for 2 (or more) people who implicitly accept to equally share their expenses. It's not very complicated : when adding a shareholder, just ask how many people it represents (how many "parts" of the piggy).

    Great app, thanks !

  3. Great apps tested in Holidays.

    One nice feature would the association of a weight to each participants for of an expense. By default it will be 1 but + - buttonq next to the name will allows the change the weight.

    Thanks !


  4. This is one of the best apps I found for my android phone.

    I only have one major feature request:
    - it would be much easier if the names list was sorted alphabetically, when entering expenses/paybacks

    Regarding the one-to-ones, at first I started using it, but then I ended up creating a "general" piggy for those expenses.

    Another thing that could be interesting would be to have a global list of shareholders and when creating a new piggy, there was an option to select which of those "global" shareholders would make part of that piggy.

    Usually when having an event with friends during a weekend or so I create a new piggy for that event. Usually a few names are common to those piggies (and some vary), it would save some time not to enter the same names all over again...

    Another feature that could be of some use would be to merge two piggies into one.

    I don't agree with some of the requests made by Jerome, namely removing the OK and Next buttons... I often use the select all option and then deselect one or two names which don't enter for that expense, so it's handy that it works the way it is now. Also when selecting the one who paid I often hit the wrong name on the first tap (blame capacitive screens).

    Last but not least I'd like to volunteer for the portuguese (of Portugal) translation.

  5. Great app ! Thank you

    Just 2 missing features for me (but I can see in the other comments that I'm not the only one) :

    - The possibility to have more than one part for the participants (possibility to set 2 parts for a couple and 1 part for a single for example, 1 part remaining the default value)

    - A list of regular participants to avoid retyping the list for each event and permitting to start quickly a new piggy